Wine Cellar Record Book


New for Christmas 2019 and exclusive to Top Note Design.  Our Wine Record Book is designed with the modern wine lover in mind. Featuring a section for keeping track of your wine purchases, keeping tasting notes and capturing memories of occasions, conversations and meals.  There is also a section for taking notes about individual bottles you try.

Covered in fine linen.  Available in two stunning colours; duck egg blue and saffron with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon.  The cover is hand block printed.

Made in England.


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Wine Cellar Record Book

There are many uses for a Wine Record. Firstly as a record of the stock which you have in your cellar.  Make a note when you buy a wine, how much it cost, when it should be drunk.  Thereafter you can keep a note of each bottle you take out so that you have an accurate stock record.

We use our wine record as a kind of wine diary keeping a note of who we share the wine with and the occasion.  It is wonderful to be able to look back on happy times.  So much of enjoyment of good wine is who we drink it with.  Lucy’s husband, Henry, and the marvellous notes he kept on the wines in his collection are the inspiration for our Wine Record.

“The drinker will be the judge and he will not be judged by others.  His verdict is paramount and is answerable to no one.  The taster is king.  And his opinion will be formed as much as by what is in his head and his heart as by what is in the bottle.  That is the beauty of wine.”

Henry Goulding, Thoughts on a Wine Cellar (2017)

If you would like to find out more about Henry’s book, Thoughts on a Wine Cellar, or even have a copy sent to you use this link.

Using Your Wine Record to improve your Wine Knowledge

The best way of learning about wine is keeping a record of the wines that you drink.   You can use this book to record your tasting notes and to remember what you drink the wine with.  Did you pair it with a meal or drink it as an aperitif.  As the wine matures does the taste change?  Everyone loves different wines and your impressions are important.

Start improving your knowledge even further by enrolling on a course with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.  They offer courses, tastings and events all over the UK from beginner to expert level.

We are very excited as our Wine Record Book features in the Decanter Magazine Christmas Gift Guide for 2019.

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