We hope you enjoy our Christmas wine quiz. We love a Christmas quiz and we love testing our wine knowledge and perhaps improving it. So we thought we would put together a few Christmas Wine Quiz questions to challenge you. Good luck.

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  1. What is the black grape, Zinfandel, known as in Italy?
  2. How are red wines given their colour?
  3. Which grape variety is used to make Sancerre?
  4. Where does the wine Mersault come from and which grape is it made from?
  5. Is Gewurtztraminer a red grape or a white grape?
  6. How much wine is in a standard bottle?
  7. What is the most widely planted grape in the world?
  8. Who is the Greek god of wine?
  9. You may be planning to enjoy a glass of champagne on Christmas day but what is the term for a Spanish sparkling wine made with the traditional method?
  10. He’s famously teetotal, but Donald Trump owns a winery. Which US state is it in?
  11. What is an appellation?
  12. On a German wine label what would Trocken mean?
  13. From which town does port take its name?
  14. Which wine has the varieties Malmsey and Sercial?
  15. Which celebrity couple produced an award winning rosé wine?

See how you got on.

Wine Quiz Answers

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