If you are stuck for boyfriend stocking filler ideas we can help you.   Does your boyfriend enjoy wine?  If the answer is yes, then we have lots of great, inexpensive stocking filler suggestions for you.

Butler’s Thief Bottle Opener

Think about a Butler Thief Bottle Opener.  This brilliant gadget is corkscrew with two prongs that slide down the cork to remove it without damage.  This works brilliantly on any tricky cork because the integrity of the cork remains whole.

Chief Chocolate Officer Wine Tasting Chocolates

Chocolate can be difficult to pair with wine because the flavinoids can clash.  However, this unique chocolates complement wine beautifully.  Added flavours pair with some of the world favouite grapes giving you a sensory tasting experience.  This makes a great stocking filler.

Dropstop Wine Pouring Discs

Dropstop pourers are one of our best selling Christmas gifts because they are so simple to use and so effective.  You will have no drips from your Christmas wine.

Wine Cellar Record Book

If you are looking for really special boyfriend stocking filler ideas think about investing in one of our Wine Cellar Record Books.  These beautiful linen-covered journals allow you to keep a record of your wine.  Improve your wine knowledge by making tasting notes and capture memories at the same time.  There is a section at the back to note interesting individual bottles of wine you have tried and want to buy.

1000 Piece Wine Jigsaw Puzzles
1000 Piece Wine Jigsaw Puzzles
1000 piece wine jigsaw puzzles featuring maps of some of the World's most famous wine producing regions.  Choose from three different designs; France, Italy and Spain.  Comes with a guide poster.     A perfect gift for any wine lover. Box Size: 20cm x 20cm x 8cm  
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Wine Tasting Game Blind Tasting Set
Wine Tasting Game
Perfect dinner party game for all wine lovers.  A great opportunity to explore the world of wine, develop your tasting skills and discover some new wines.

Game Contents

  • 3 blind tasting bottle covers
  • 100 Tasting Note Sheets
  • 30 Score Sheets
  • 6 Pencils
  • 1 wipeable wine glass pen
For 2 + players.  If there are lots of you try playing in teams.  
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Cork Pops Refills
Cork Pops Refills (2 Pack)
Pack of 2 Refill Cork Pops Refill Cartridges.  Each cartridge will open between 60 - 80 bottles of wine.  These cartridges fit all cork pops models. Corkpops is one of the most innovative cork removers on the market.  Brilliant for taking corks out of vintage wine without damaging them.
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Stainless Steel Wine Measure
Stainless Steel Wine Measure
Keep track of how much you are pouring with this 125ml Stainless Steel Government Stamped Wine Measure.    It's all too easy to pour more than you realise, especially if you have large wine glasses.   Use this measure to see exactly how much you are pouring.  125ml is the standard size for a small glass of wine and this is about one and half units of alcohol.
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corkpops wine opener
Corkpops Wine Opener
The fastest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine.   There's no more need for a traditional corkscrew.  These brilliant Corkpops wine openers use a low-pressure inert gas to remove the cork.  Guaranteed to be the perfect gift for any wine lover. Take advantage of a fabulous 15% discount on a set of two refill cartridges when you buy them at the same time as your Corkpops wine opener
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Sale! stocking filler gift set
Stocking Filler Gift Set
A selection of original stocking filler gifts to make any wine lover smile.   Save over 15% when you buy all three together.
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Sale! Wine Room Gift Set
Wine Room Gift Set
Keep your wine perfectly organised with our Wine Room gift set.  To help with Christmas this year we have paired our Wine Record Book and Wine Organiser Discs in a handy set.  Save when you buy both items together.
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Le Creuset Foil Cutter
Le Creuset Foil Cutter
This boxed Le Creuset foil cutter will be popular with any wine lover. Lets you remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle with a quick, simple quarter turn. It fits comfortably and securely in your hand, so it’s a joy to use. Equipped with four sharp wheels, it cuts effortlessly through plastic and metal. No frayed edges in sight. Length: 1.5cm Width: 5cm Height: 7.5cm
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Butler's Thief Bottle Opener
Butler’s Thief Bottle Opener
Remove corks cleanly with this two pronged cork remover.  Makes a great alternative to using a corkscrew when you are dealing with an older cork.
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DropStop Wine Pouring Discs
DropStop Wine Pouring Discs
These ingenious wine pouring discs allowing you to pour wine without spilling a drop.  Featuring original Top Note Design artwork.  They are inexpensive and really easy to use.   Use each DropStop again and again.  Simply rinse, dry and place back in the envelope. Sold as a pack of 5 in a parchment envelope.  
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Wine Cellar Record Book
Wine Cellar Record Book
Our Wine Record Book is designed with the modern wine lover in mind. Featuring a section for keeping track of your wine purchases, keeping tasting notes and capturing memories of occasions, conversations and meals.  There is also a section for taking notes about individual bottles you try. Featured in the  Decanter Magazine Christmas Gift Guide for 2019. Covered in fine linen.  Available in two stunning colours; duck egg blue and saffron with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon.  The cover is hand block printed. Made in England.  
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