Our Story

Our Story began in 2012.  Top Note Design is a family business founded by cousins Lucy Goulding and Alice Dunhill.

Our starting point was the incredible collection of foil capsules which my husband, Henry,  had saved from wines enjoyed over the years.  Simple reminders of lots of happy memories.   Starting small, over the kitchen table, we designed a ‘capsule’ collection based on some of our favourite wines from Burgundy and the Rhone.

A Love of Wine

Henry’s love of wine has always been at the heart of the business.  Being married to a wine connoisseur,  it was often difficult to choose the right gift.  I couldn’t buy him wine (he knew so much more than me).   But I did want to find a wine related gift.  I needed to be more creative.  Under Henry’s guidance we began to build a range of original and stylish gifts for wine lovers.  From corkscrews to cellar books, from artwork to aerators we have carefully curated our collection, much of which is exclusive to Top Note Design.

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to learn more about wine.  I completed WSET Level 2 in early 2020 and two years on I’m now proud to be qualified to WSET Level 3.     Studying formally has been a challenge but it’s also been fun and I’m so excited to progress my wine knowledge.    I’ve learnt about the wine industry, about grape varieties and viniculture.  I’ve studied food pairing and how to store and serve wine.   So much time, effort and money on choosing the right wine.  Make the experience even better with the right wine accessories and add to the joy of the occasion with a gift that will last after the wine has finished.

Just Ask Us

We love meeting our customers and are constantly searching for new products to add to our range which will appeal to them.  If we can’t find something our customers want then we design it ourselves.  Just ask us.   Our mission is to help you buy the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in wine.   We hope you will enjoy discovering a gift that pairs perfectly with wine and may even improve it.

Establishing this small business has been challenging but it also been an adventure.   Just after we started Henry was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer.  

Henry is no longer with us but his heart and his love of wine live on in Top Note Design.

Lucy Goulding

Thoughts on a Wine Cellar

Henry wrote ‘Thoughts on a Wine Cellar’ to tell us about the wines he had laid down over the years. He takes us on his personal journey through wine. It does not aim to be a complete record of the world of wine but it is a record of Henry’s world.

Top Note Design Director Lucy Goulding – Personal Branding Images by Andreea Tufescu Photography