Keeping in a wine record is one of the best ways to learn about wine.  Your wine record will give you an opportunity to keep a log of the bottles of wine you have in your collection.  However, a wine record is more than just a stock book.  Your wine record is the perfect place to add tasting notes when you open a bottle.  This is a great idea even if you only have one bottle of a particularly wine.  It’s also a really effective way of seeing how a wine evolves if you have a whole case.   You can plan to drink it over a number of years as the wine matures and hopefully improves with age.

How to Taste Wine

I completed my WSET Level qualification during 2021.  One of the valuable skills I have learnt during my wine studies has been how to taste wine systematically.  Firstly, take a look at the appearance of the wine.  What colour is it?  How intense is the colour?    Secondly, note the aroma of the wine.   How instense is it and what can you smell?  Can you only smell primary aromas such as fruit and flowers or are you picking up secondary or even tertiary aromas.  These could come from the wine making process all from the maturation of the wine.  Finally taste the wine noting the primary, secondary and tertiary flavours.  These could be different from the aroma.

You might also note the body of the wine, how acidic it is, the level of alcohol and tannins and the length of the finish. There is a lot to consider.

Our Wine Record Book

We designed our Wine Cellar Record Book because we could not find the perfect cellar book anywhere.  Our book combines the traditional cellar book and wine journal or notebook in one.  Covered in fine linen with a grosgrain ribbon bookmark.  It is a gift that will be appreciated by any wine lover.

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Wine Room Gift Set
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Wine Cellar Record Book
Wine Cellar Record Book
Our Wine Record Book is designed with the modern wine lover in mind. Featuring a section for keeping track of your wine purchases, keeping tasting notes and capturing memories of occasions, conversations and meals.  There is also a section for taking notes about individual bottles you try. Featured in the  Decanter Magazine Christmas Gift Guide for 2019. Covered in fine linen.  Available in two stunning colours; duck egg blue and saffron with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon.  The cover is hand block printed. Made in England.  
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