Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper


This stylish, bottle stopper will seal your wine perfectly.  Flat design is ideal for storage in the fridge.  Easy to use and fits any bottle.

Available in two styles clear plastic or stainless steel.

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Stainless steel wine bottle stopper kits

This stylish stainless steel wine bottle stopper kits will make a great gift.   Customers are always asking us if we have a good wine stopper in stock and so we were thrilled to find this sleek version from AdHoc.   These elegant wine bottle stoppers uses silicone rubber to seal your open bottle of wine and keep it airtight.   This is a bottle stopper which actually works!  The extremely flat design makes it ideal for storage.  It sits easily in the fridge door.  We think this stopper is great value for money.  It looks so stylish and it comes beautifully boxed.  Works on any bottle not only wine.  It is extremely versatile and effective.

We also a version of this high quality stopper which includes a vacuum pump.  This works to remove oxygen from the open bottle of wine and help it to last for longer.

Or if you prefer you can use our classic wine bottle stopper along with a pump of argon gas from the brilliant winesave PRO to keep your open wine perfectly.

A great wine bottle stopper is something every kitchen needs.  Buy one for yourself and why not add another to your basket for a gift.  They make wonderful stocking fillers.  Adhoc also make a champagne stopper for use on all sparkling wines.  We stock two versions.  The first is made from robust plastic and silicone.  The second version we offer is silver stainless steel.

Material; stainless steel, plastic, silicone.   Colour; clear and steel.  Made in Germany by Adhoc.




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