Handblown Crystal Wine Glasses


Inspired by 19th and early 20th century designs these stunning crystal wine glasses will add style to any wine lover’s table.  Sold in sets of six.  Handblown and hand engraved glassware made from fine dishwasher safe crystal.  Sets come beautifully packaged.

Available in two design: Stars and Lens

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Handblown Crystal Wine Glasses sold in a boxed set of six.  These beautiful crystal wine glasses, created by The Vintage List, are based on 19th century and early 20th century English designs.   Each glass is handblown and hand-engraved.

Does the Wine Glass Make a Difference?

Of course, it is ultimately the quality of the wine that matters but we feel that the wine glass you drink from really can make a difference to the nose, taste and look of a wine.  Crystal is able to be made thinner than glass and the thin rim is defintely enjoyable to drink from.  Modern glassmakers, such as Riedel, have extensively researched the relationship between the wine glass and enhancement of the wine.  They create a wine glasses for just about every different grape variety and wine.  If you have a lot of space and money to make this investment they are amazing.  However many of us are looking for a quality glass which can work well for every occasion.

These stunning handblown crystal wine glasses have a traditional bowl shape with a long thin stem.  We think the size perfectly complements both red and white wines giving both plenty of room to breathe.   To enhance your wine still further why not try using an aerator for both red and white wines.  We stock two great models, one by Vinturi and the other from Ullo, which removes sulphites from your wine with a filter as well as acting as an aerator.

We currently stock two different designs.  Firstly hand-engraved stars and secondly a classic lens designs which features a band of hand-cut interconnecting ovals.   Both are made from the same fine crystal glass.  These classic designs are timeless and look elegant in a modern however unlike antique glasses they are dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: 16.5 cm tall; 8.5 cm wide at rim; capacity: 250 ml.




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