Stainless Steel Wine Measure


Keep track of how much you are pouring with this 125ml Stainless Steel Government Stamped Wine Measure.    It’s all too easy to pour more than you realise, especially if you have large wine glasses.   Use this measure to see exactly how much you are pouring.  125ml is the standard size for a small glass of wine and this is about one and half units of alcohol.

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This stainless steel wine measure is a must have for any household.  I love nothing more than a glass of wine at the end of day.  We have some gorgeous, large wine glasses and it is a little too easy to get through a bottle when you pouring freely into them.  Use this 125ml measure to gauge exactly how much you are drinking.  It’s ideal for those midweek glasses of wine.  125ml is small glass of wine and contains about 1.5 units of alcohol.  This stainless steel measure is brilliant if you are hoping to space a couple of glasses through the evening.  Of course, if you drinking a gorgeous Bordeaux you might want to pour a larger glass but think this base measure is a great starting point.

Many of us start the year with full of good intentions with a Dry January.  However, once January is over and the wine is open again it is time to create some good habits that will last throughout the year.   Perhaps you plan to have a couple of alcohol free nights each week.  Maybe you like the idea of drinking a little less but upping the quality of the wine you drink.  This stainless steel wine measure will be a great tool in helping you achieve your goals.

If you love wine but also want to live as healthily as possible we have some great tips for you.  I recently spoke with nutritionist, Huguette Lelong.  Huguette combines a healthy lifestyle with a love of food.  Like us she enjoys wine as well, but of course, in moderation.  Read our blog to find our more about her philosophy.

Huguette offers a free 20 minute consultation if you would like any advice do get in touch with her.


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