AdHoc Wine Saving Vacuum Pump


Stylish stainless steel wine saving vacuum pump with an integrated stopper.  Easy to use to keep your wine fresh for longer.

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If you can’t quite finish a bottle of wine keep it fresh with this AdHoc wine saving vacuum pump.  As soon as you open a bottle of wine it starts to go stale as it reacts with the air.  Contact with oxygen starts the chemical process of oxidization and eventually the wine will taste of vinegar.  If you use a vacuum pump you will be removing the oxygen from the bottle.  This sleek stainless steel pump is easy to use.  Once you have pumped the oxygen from the bottle then you can use it as a stopper.

Tips for Keeping Your Wine Fresh

Firstly, think about the temperature.   In a cooler temperature the process of oxidization is slowed down.  Therefore, one of the easiest ways to keep your wine fresh for longer is to keep it in the fridge.  You should keep reds and whites cool and they will last for longer.

Secondly, think about the light.  Wines stored in a dark place tend to last longer.  Obviously, the fridge will be a suitable dark spot but you might also have a cool dark cellar or larder that would do the job.

Finally, store your wine upright.  This means that less of the surface of the wine has the potential to be exposed to the air.  So after you use your pump don’t put the bottle on its side.

We’ve put together a blog piece with lots of ideas for keeping your wine fresh if you want to know more.

There is no need to feel pressurised into finishing the bottle and nor is any need for you to waste good wine.   This AdHoc wine saving vacuum pump is a great addition to any wine lovers stores.


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