Wine tasting tools

If you love the wine aroma there is a good chance you would enjoy attending a wine tasting event.

These can be a good opportunity to take tasting notes. And to explore new wines you have not yet had the pleasure of trying before. These can be a lot of fun and are an ideal gift experience to attend with a partner or friend.

You can, of course, buy them a gift maybe for a wedding or an anniversary,
If you have an idea or just wanted to give something a little bit different to your traditional gift.

An amusing option is to host your own wine tasting party. And our great range of products can make sure you are the perfect host. And really impress your guests with the quality of your party.

You can buy wine coasters, wine placemats and write your own pens where you could write guest names or the brand of wine on each glass.

You could get a new set of wine glasses, especially for the event to really impress everyone in attendance. And plan the whole event in your brand new wine notebook. Making you really look like the aficionado you strive to be.

Topnotedesign also has available ‘thoughts on a wine cellar’ by Henry Goulding if you wanted to do a bit of wine-based learning ahead of the gathering.

If you wish to record it all properly, in terms of what you providing, who drunk what, what the preferred brand was or how many bottles you went through, you could purchase our wine cellar record book for a bit of fun and to document all the
laughs you will have.

wine tasting note sheets
Wine Tasting Note Sheets
A book of 100 tear out Wine Tasting Note Sheets.  Ideal for wine clubs and tastings and for anyone looking to improve their wine knowledge.
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Blind Tasting Bottle Covers
Blind Tasting Bottle Covers
Set of six navy blue blind tasting bottle covers.   Handprinted with numbers from one through to six.
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Wine Tasting Glasses
Wine Tasting Glasses
Set of 6 21cl Wine Tasting Glasses - recognised as the standard design for wine tasting worldwide.  The type of glass you drink your wine from really does make a difference so make sure you have the best. Size: 210ml, height 155mm Machine Made Lead Free Crystal, Dishwasher Safe
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Wine Tasting Game Blind Tasting Set
Wine Tasting Game
Perfect dinner party game for all wine lovers.  A great opportunity to explore the world of wine, develop your tasting skills and discover some new wines.

Game Contents

  • 3 blind tasting bottle covers
  • 100 Tasting Note Sheets
  • 30 Score Sheets
  • 6 Pencils
  • 1 wipeable wine glass pen
For 2 + players.  If there are lots of you try playing in teams.  
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Cork Pops Refills
Cork Pops Refills (2 Pack)
Pack of 2 Refill Cork Pops Refill Cartridges.  Each cartridge will open between 60 - 80 bottles of wine.  These cartridges fit all cork pops models. Corkpops is one of the most innovative cork removers on the market.  Brilliant for taking corks out of vintage wine without damaging them.
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wine decanting funnel
Wine Decanting Funnel
Get the most of your wine using this stainless steel wine decanting funnel set for easy decanting.  A must for any wine lover.
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Stainless Steel Wine Measure
Stainless Steel Wine Measure
Keep track of how much you are pouring with this 125ml Stainless Steel Government Stamped Wine Measure.    It's all too easy to pour more than you realise, especially if you have large wine glasses.   Use this measure to see exactly how much you are pouring.  125ml is the standard size for a small glass of wine and this is about one and half units of alcohol.
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AdHoc Wine Saving Vacuum Pump
AdHoc Wine Saving Vacuum Pump
Stylish stainless steel wine saving vacuum pump with an integrated stopper.  Easy to use to keep your wine fresh for longer.
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Sale! Wine Room Gift Set
Wine Room Gift Set
Keep your wine perfectly organised with our Wine Room gift set.  To help with Christmas this year we have paired our Wine Record Book and Wine Organiser Discs in a handy set.  Save when you buy both items together.
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Le Creuset Foil Cutter
Le Creuset Foil Cutter
This boxed Le Creuset foil cutter will be popular with any wine lover. Lets you remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle with a quick, simple quarter turn. It fits comfortably and securely in your hand, so it’s a joy to use. Equipped with four sharp wheels, it cuts effortlessly through plastic and metal. No frayed edges in sight. Length: 1.5cm Width: 5cm Height: 7.5cm
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Wine Notebook
Wine Notebook
We discovered these pocket-size wine tasting notebooks made by 33 Books Co when we were out at a tasting last year and instantly fell in love with them.   They are brilliant for keeping notes whether you are a wine pro or a complete novice.  We particularly like the idea of the few drops of wine added to the ink in each new edition.  Maybe we should be adding wine to our inks too? The unique flavour wheel makes these little books the perfect present for anyone with an interest in wine.
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