Wine Tasting Glasses


Set of 6 21cl Wine Tasting Glasses – recognised as the standard design for wine tasting worldwide.  The type of glass you drink your wine from really does make a difference so make sure you have the best.

Size: 210ml, height 155mm
Machine Made Lead Free Crystal, Dishwasher Safe


A set of 6 wine tasting glasses that any wine enthusiast will love. These 21cl ISO tasting glasses are recognised as the standard design for wine tasting worldwide.  They have a rounded bowl which gives room to swirl the wine and release the aromas.  The glass tapers inwards and this allows those aromas to be captured more easily.  If you are planning on tasting wine then using this type of glass is what you need.  There are six in each box.  These are perfect if you want to compare and contrast multiple wines.

Have you thought of pairing a set of wine tasting glasses with one of our Wine Tasting Games?  All you need to do then is find some wines you would like to taste.

Everyday Drinking

However, I don’t just use these wine glasses for wine tastings I also like to use them on an everyday basis.  They aren’t too big.  In fact they are perfect for a 125ml or 150ml serving of wine.  They are also dishwasher safe which is a real bonus.

Can the Glass you Use Make a Difference to Your Wine?

Sometimes the number of different wine glasses on offer can seem overwhelming.   In general it helps to have a thin, crystal glass with a rounded bowl and tapering sides.  Usually red wine glasses are bigger.  The larger bowl allows the wine to aerate or breathe more easily and can enhance the flavours and aromas.  White wine glasses are usually smaller so that the fresh, sweet aromas are concentrated at the top of the glass.  The is particularly true for a delicate white wine.  Glasses for fuller bodied wines, whether red or white, tend to be larger and wider to allow more air to get to the wine and flavours to develop.

Try these wine tasting glasses and see what you think.  They work well for most wines including port and fortified wine



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