Wine Tasting Note Sheets


A book of 100 tear out Wine Tasting Note Sheets.  Ideal for wine clubs and tastings and for anyone looking to improve their wine knowledge.

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A book of 100 tear out wine tasting note sheets for your next wine tasting.  This guided tasting note pad is a must have when you are tasting wine.   It’s perfect for gatherings and wine clubs.  It will help you to analyse the different aspects of the wine you are tasting in a logical format.

How to Taste Wine

Once you have poured smallish measure of wine into a suitable glass start by looking at the appearance.  Think about the depth of colour of the wine.  Is it clear or cloudy?  It is rich and deep?  Then, before you taste the wine, give it a swirl and smell it.  Firstly, you want to make the sure there is nothing wrong with the wine.  If you smell cork, then it may be corked.  Do you smell coffee or caramel? Is there a lack freshness and fruit?  Perhaps the wine is oxidised?  Assuming your wine is alright, you will then start to think about the delicious things you can smell.  Primary aromas are fruity and floral.  As wine ages it develops tertiary aromas such as cooked fruit, honey or petrol.

Finally, you will taste the wine.  There is plenty of space on your Wine Tasting Note Sheets to analyse what you taste.  Of course you will be thinking of the flavours but you can also think about how sweet the wine is.  Is it light or full bodied?  How acidic is it? Does it have a textural, mouth drying quality which means tannins are present?

There is a lot to think about when tasting any wine and using a guided Tasting Note will really help to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Take your wine tasting to the next level with a set of our Blind Tasting Covers.


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