Wine Decanting Funnel


Get the most of your wine using this stainless steel wine decanting funnel set for easy decanting.  A must for any wine lover.

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Use this wine decanting funnel by Cilio and get the most out of your wine.  It is made from stainless steel and includes a removable sieve filter to capture any sediment from your bottle.  This filter is designed to sit in neck of your decanter.  You can use the hook handle to make sure it is secure.  Firstly place your funnel into the decanter and then insert the filter.    Pour your wine through the filter into your decanter.  This brilliant funnel will fit most decanters and makes decanting much easier.  The elegant design means that you will have no spills.   It is so easy to use and so effective.  Now you just need to get out your decanter.

Your wine decanting funnel and filter are dishwasher safe and come with a five year guarantee.

Why Decant Wine?

We all spend a lot of time choosing the right wine and we want to taste as good as possible.  When you decant wine you allow air in and the wine begins to breathe.  If you let the wine have contact with oxygen it releases flavors and aromas and improves the balance and taste.  The harsher tannins and acid in the wine reduce making it appear smoother and nicer to drink.  Aerating your wine it will definitely help you to get the most out of it.

The spout on the wine decanting funnel is curved so that as the wine flows into the decanter, it spreads across the decanter neck or side of the glass.  Surface contact with air increases and this promotes oxygenation, bringing out the full flavours of the wine. The funnel itself is fashioned from stainless steel to give a surface that will react naturally with the wine through volatilisation to decrease the sulphur dioxide content.

If you are decanting a wine which is very concentrated then it may worth leaving it a while before drinking.   About half an hour should be enough. This will allow the oxygen even more time to work.  The tannins will soften further and your wine will be even more delicious.

You can’t store an aerated wine for so long, so be sure to only decant what you plan to drink.  We sell specialised aerators as well and these are great if you want to aerate by the glass rather than the bottle.



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