wine trends for 2023

Wine Trends for 2023

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After a Dry(ish) January I’m enjoying exploring new wine trends for 2023 during February. I feel I’m constantly on a wine journey, discovering new grapes, new wine regions and new growers. Here are a few, of what I think, will be the key wine trends for 2023.

Lower Alcohol Wines

I think many of us will be trying to consume a little less alcohol this year. Obviously one way to do this is by cutting down on, drinking less but drinking better but another option could be considering lower alcohol wines. If you opt for two glasses of 12.5% wine as supposed to a 14.5% you will be consuming almost 15% less alcohol. If you can find at 10% or 11% wine, even better. Typically you might think lower alcohol wines would be white, however if you pick a red from a cooler climate you may well find some wines that are lighter. My latest wine subscription box from The Mummy Wine Club contained some great examples. A 12.5% Cabernet Franc and a Gamay from California, also 12.5%.

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UK Still Wine

Sales of English sparkling wines are booming however, with the UK summers getting warmer and English winemakers becoming increasingly skilled there are now some great English still wines out there. Be prepared to see these rivalling English sparkling during 2023. The best examples tend to made from grapes that thrive in cooler climates, such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay. Try exploring the great selection of wines put together The English Vine and read our recent article about English wine. This year I’m keen to combine trying some new wines with a visit to some UK vineyards.

Sustainable Wine

I think all of us are more conscious of the environmental impact of what we buy and consume. Trends in the wine industry towards more biodiversity and organic farming will certainly continue to gain momentum this year. Many winemakers are increasingly focussed on regenerative viticulture working towards better soil health and reducing CO2 emissions. Berry Brothers are collaborating with the newly formed Regenerative Viticulture Foundation to spread awareness of the approach. Last year I enjoyed trying more natural wines, that are made with minimal intervention from the winemaker. I think many of us will be looking for wines labelled organic, natural or minimal intervention.

Canned Wine

Alongside developing more environmentally friendly ways of making wine the wine industry has also been exploring new more, sustainable ways of packaging wine. All those heavy glass bottles have a considerable impact on the planet. I think canned wines will be a key wine trend for 2023. Increasingly winemakers are putting higher quality wines into cans. Waitrose are set to move small formats wine bottles into cans this year in a bid reduce carbon emissions. Be prepared to see other retailers following suit. I was lucky to meet the founders of The Canned Wine Company a couple of years ago. I’ve really enjoyed some of their award winning single varietal wines in their beautifully designed cans.

Wines from Eastern Europe

As I learn about wine I’m getting more adventurous in the wines I try. Wines from Eastern Europe are now widely available in our supermarkets. There are some great examples at really reasonable prices. Last year I tried and enjoyed wines from Georgia, which has one of the oldest wine cultures in the world. Don’t be afraid to try local grapes as well as international varieties. Some of the highest quality Georgian wines are made from Saperavi. These are rich reds with notes of blackcurrant and cherry and have potential to age.

I’ve read that wines from Romania will be a feature in the wine world this year. Again, it has one of the oldest wine producing cultures in the world. Under communist rules from 1945 – 1989 wine making became industrialised and quality wines made from indigenous grapes varieties diminished. However, these are now being cultivated again. Expect to see more on our shelves this year as the Romanian export market begins to open up.

What’s New for Us

We are continuing to develop our range of design-led original gifts for wine lovers. I’ve just received our first greeting cards. We are selling them individually and also as sets of six. Perfect if you gifting a bottle or if you sending a thank you note after a meal out.

We will be adding to our range of wine books the coming weeks. Follow us on instagram @topnotedesign to discover the latest.

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