Le Creuset Champagne Opener


Every celebration deserves to be accompanied by the satisfying pop of a champagne cork. This champagne ‘star’ helps you pull off the moment in style. Simply place its arms in the grooves of the cork, then twist your wrist to open the bottle. Spectacular. Safe. Stylish. Shall we raise a glass to that?

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Le Creuset champagne bottle opener

This Le Creuset Champagne Opener is new to our range for Christmas 2020.  Customers often ask us if we stock something help them open champagne and sparkling wine.  I quite understand why everyone wants this.  Opening a bottle of champagne can be daunting and feel like a bit of a performance.  Firstly, there is the foil and the cage and then comes the actual cork.  All too often the cork can get stuck and it feels difficult to move.  Once the cork does come out of the bottle the next worry is the pressure.  Will the cork fly and off?  Will champagne spray across the room.    However, with this ingenious Le Creuset Champagne Opener all those problems are over.

If you have ever felt nervous about opening a bottle of champagne then you need one of these Star Champagne Openers.  It makes it simple to remove the cork safely and in style.   First remove the foil and cage and then place the opener over the cork.  The opener will fit into the four grooves of the cork of any bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.  Hold the bottle at an angle with the bottle in one hand the cork and opener in the other.  Twist the opener and your cork will come out easily.  The opener will keep your cork safe stopping it from flying off and injuring anyone.  Use your opener to easily control your cork.  It will come out quietly and you won’t waste any precious wine.

We stock bottle openers and cork removers for every bottle of wine, still or sparkling.  We’ve put together a guide to the best corkscrews for every budget.  Read on to find out more.


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