Any wine enthusiast will know there are many variations of corkscrew and that the style of corkscrews used depends on both the cork and the cork puller themselves.

Some wine bottles require a wing corkscrew. Others are more suited to a double-hinged corkscrew. And alternatively, some, like the Butler’s thief Bottle Opener do not require you to screw in the cork.

However you choose to corkscrew wine, our wide range of products will cater for all your needs.

Ligne origine ‘wine barrel’ Corkscrew is a truly unique wine accessory.  This classic waiter’s friend corkscrew has a handle which is hand-carved from upcycled oak wine barrels.

It has a double lever and like all waiters’ friends, it is a foil cutter and can open your beer bottles making this an extremely useful gift.

At Top Note Design, we also stock a stainless steel corkscrew by Adhoc. This beautiful and elegant corkscrew uses a self-pulling principle to remove any cork with ease.

It works equally as well on both natural and plastic corks which is a real bonus.

You simply place on top of the bottle and keep turning to remove the cork effortlessly. This coated spiral corkscrew makes removing corks a pleasure and its hinge design means it works on any bottle, even magnums…

Our range also includes an award-winning colourful corkscrew, the Pullparrot Waiters’ Corkscrew.

One of the most popular corkscrews on the market.  This lever corkscrew is Incredibly easy to use.

It uses a double lever system for effortless cork extraction and comes with a blade for cleanly removing the foil from your bottle.

Cork Pops Refills
Cork Pops Refills (2 Pack)
Pack of 2 Refill Cork Pops Refill Cartridges.  Each cartridge will open between 60 - 80 bottles of wine.  These cartridges fit all cork pops models. Corkpops is one of the most innovative cork removers on the market.  Brilliant for taking corks out of vintage wine without damaging them.
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corkpops wine opener
Corkpops Wine Opener
The fastest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine.   There's no more need for a traditional corkscrew.  These brilliant Corkpops wine openers use a low-pressure inert gas to remove the cork.  Guaranteed to be the perfect gift for any wine lover. Take advantage of a fabulous 15% discount on a set of two refill cartridges when you buy them at the same time as your Corkpops wine opener
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le creuset champagne bottle opener
Le Creuset Champagne Opener
Every celebration deserves to be accompanied by the satisfying pop of a champagne cork. This champagne ‘star’ helps you pull off the moment in style. Simply place its arms in the grooves of the cork, then twist your wrist to open the bottle. Spectacular. Safe. Stylish. Shall we raise a glass to that?
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stainless steel corkscrew
Stainless Steel Corkscrew by Adhoc
This elegant stainless steel corkscrew by Adhoc uses a self pulling principle to remove any cork effortlessly. Comes with a stand for storage.  Stylish boxed it makes a great gift.
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Pullparrot Waiters's Corkscrew
Pullparrot Waiter’s Corkscrew
An opportunity to add some colour to your kitchen with these witty Pullparrot corkscrews which have won the 1st prize in the Gevrey-Chambertin corkscrew awards in France.  They have a dual retractable handle which effortlessly removes corks without breaking or damaging them.   Also with a blade for cleaning removing the foil from you bottle and adding it to your collection. Available in two stunning colours which complement our other products.  Each colourway features its own top note tasting note: Navy Blue  - top note of pepper Yellow Sun - top note of butter  
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