Our range of champagne accessories includes champagne stoppers, champagne openers and cooler as well as glasses.    We love champagne and every year we like to have a theme.  In 2018 this theme was champagne and we began to base some of our designs around one of our favourite drinks.  Explore further for one of the best ranges of champagne accessories and gifts available in the UK.

Champagne Stoppers

We stock one of the best champagne stoppers we have come across.  By AdHoc these colourful champagne stoppers are incredibly easy to use.   Simply clip down over the sides of the bottle.   The silicone stopper gives a great seal in the neck of your bottle and above all, it keeps the bubbles in your champagne.  One of the best things about these stoppers is that they can stand the pressure of the bubbles.  There is no danger of them popping off.   The design means that the stopper fixes firmly over the neck of your champagne bottle so there is no chance of any accidents occurring.

For a really special upgrade to the stunning silver version.

Champagne Saucers

A celebratory drink needs the perfect glass and these gorgeous champagne saucers by Vintage List will elevate whatever you are drinking.  Choose from two designs firstly stars and secondly Lens.  They are based on Vintage glass designs.

Champagne Coasters, Linen and Napkin Rings

We make all of our gifts in the UK and we have a special range to complement our champagne accessories.  Inspiration for our coasters comes from the champagne cork and cage.  Our champagne glass cloth design features the names and sizes of every champagne bottle.  Our napkin rings are extra special because they are actually made of champagne cages.

Sale! Champagne Gift Set
Champagne Gift Set
Save over 10% when you buy our Champagne Gift set.  Beautifully boxed Le Creuset Champagne Opener and a Handprinted Champagne Bottle Linen Union Glass Cloth
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le creuset champagne bottle opener
Le Creuset Champagne Opener
Every celebration deserves to be accompanied by the satisfying pop of a champagne cork. This champagne ‘star’ helps you pull off the moment in style. Simply place its arms in the grooves of the cork, then twist your wrist to open the bottle. Spectacular. Safe. Stylish. Shall we raise a glass to that?
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Champagne Themed Coasters
Champagne Themed Coasters
Inspired by our love of champagne we have created these stunning original designs based on champagne corks and cages.  A great addition to any wine lover's table.
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silver champagne stopper
Silver Champagne Stopper
We having been searching for ages for a really stylish champagne stopper and this is it.   An elegant design which looks great, is simple to use, reasonable priced and really great at keeping the bubbles in your champagne.  Flat design makes it easy to store the bottle in the fridge.  A perfect gift for special occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings.

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vintage list champagne saucers
Vintage List Champagne Saucers
Our champagne saucers are not out of stock they are sent out direct by The Vintage List get in touch with us direct if you are interested in buying a set. Inspired by 19th and early 20th century designs these gorgeous champagne saucers are perfect for any wine lover.  Sold in sets of six.  Hand blown and hand engraved glassware made from fine dishwasher safe crystal.  Sets come beautifully packaged. Available in two design: Stars and Lens
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champagne bottle size and names grasscloth
Champagne Bottle Size and Names Glass Cloth
A Celebratory bottle of champagne bubbles. Stunning blue and gold linen union glass cloth featuring an original design.  Every champagne bottle size (even the Nebuchadnezzar containing 120 glasses) in one bottle.  Educational as well as stylish. High-quality linen union fabric (60% cotton, 40% linen). Developed to achieve a lint free sparkling finish on your glasses and china. With hanging loop. Made in the UK.  Size:  44cm x 74cm ; wash at 40 degrees
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