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International Wine Days for 2021

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This article is now updated with International Wine Days for 2022 – read more here.

We’ve put together the list of International Wine Days for 2021 to guide you through a year celebrating your favourite wines. This list isn’t exhaustive. There are over 10,000 grape varieties in the world so there are a lot of amazing wines to celebrate. We’ve highlighted a couple of key days for each month. You can think of it as a drinking guide and perhaps a chance to try something new.

I started the year with a completely Dry January so I was looking forward to International Furmint Day on 1 February. Furmint isn’t a grape I know particularly well. It’s a white grape grown most widely in Hungary. It did feature on my WSET Level 2 course last year. It’s a grape that’s very susceptible to botrytis and that makes it ideal for making sweet wines. Therefore the example we tried was a sweet wine from Tokaji. Spotting International Furmint Day sent me out on a hunt for a dry Furmint. I was thrilled to discover a wine that the maker described as ‘one of the most lean and mineral Furmints in the history of Dobogo dry wines. It was a real treat. The ideal first glass of wine after a month off.

I’ve consulted a number of different lists and some of the dates do seem a bit flexible. It might be due to a bit of confusion between National and International days. However, I’m hoping this is a good guide and we can all have some fun with it. Why don’t you make the most of the International Wine Days to try something new yourself?


1 February – International Furmint Day and then 18 February – Global Drink Wine Day


13 March – International Riesling Day 


17 April – World Malbec Day 


7 May – International Sauvignon Blanc Day followed by 21 May – International Chardonnay Day. I’ve also seen Chardonnay Day listed as 27 May so perhaps we will get two shots at this one.


  • 19 – 27 June – English Wine Week
  • 21 June – World Lambrusco Day 


18 August – International Pinot Noir Day


2 September – International Cabernet Sauvignon Day and then 17 September – International Grenache Day


10 October is International Pinotage Day and then on 23 October it will be International Champagne Day. Maybe this will be a good time to plan a party. Hopefully, we’ll be allowed to get together with friends by then!


7 November is International Merlot Day, followed by Tempranillo Day on 12 November and finally Beaujolais Nouveau Day on 18 November


There’s only one wine day for December but it is a month of wine and celebrations for many. International Cabernet Franc Day is on 4 December

I’m thinking of picking a few of these and choosing some really good examples of the different wines to enjoy. However, I think I’m most looking forward to the whole week in June that is English Wine Week.

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