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International Wine Days 2022

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What better time to start thinking about International Wine Days for 2022 than the beginning of February. The time for cutting back on wine is over. Now it’s time to celebrate and perhaps discover some new grapes and some new regions. As I did last year I’ve selected a few of grape varieties to focus on throughout the year. Whether you love Albarino or Chardonnay, Merlot or Zinfandel there will be lots to enjoy.


There some great grapes to celebrate during February. 1 February is International Furmint Day. Furmint is a grape that I really enjoy but sometimes overlook. So it’s a real treat to be prompted to try wines made with this delicious grape. Then 16 February is International Syrah Day followed by Global Drink Wine Day on 18th.


3 March is International Mulled Wine Day however, what I’m really looking forward to is International Riesling Day on 16 March.


There will be a lot going on during April. 17 April is World Malbec Day. 23 April is International Cava Day. However, my highlight will be International Viognier Day on 29 April.


International Sauvignon Blanc Day (6 May) and International Chardonnay Day (26 May) celebrate some of the best known grape varieties in the world. Both of these white grape varieties thrive in the majority of wine producing countries but the depending on the climate they can present very differently. Why not not try a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay from somewhere new. If you used drinking Old World wines perhaps venture to Chile or New Zealand.

International Wine Days 2022


June is all about English Wine for me. English Wine Week runs from 18 – 26 June this year. English wine is getting better year on year. Last year I tried not only some wonderful sparkling wines but also some very promising still English wine. English Wine Week is a fantastic opportunity to visit an English vineyard (or two). If you want to stock up on English wine then visit The English Vine which has a fabulous of selection of both still and sparkling wines for you to try.

International Rosé Day takes place on 11 June and Chenin Blanc Day is on June 18.


I’ll be looking forward to International Albarino Day on 1 August. It is a perfect grape variety to pair with summer seafood. 13 August is International Prosecco Day and 18 August is International Pinot Noir Day.


The beginning of Autumn is ideal time to indulge in some fruity red wines. 1 September is International Cabernet Sauvignon Day. International Grenache Day always falls on the third Friday of September and this year it will be on 26th.


October’s wine days give a great opportunity to try some new grape varieties and wine styles. 6 October is Orange Wine Day. You can celebrate the red Serbian grape variety, Prokipal on 14 October. Then on 16 October why not try the Bulgarian grape variety, Mavrud. For those of you who love South African wine World Pinotage Day is on 8 October. Finally on 28 October, it is World Champagne Day.


Beaujolais Nouveau is a wine specifically made for early drinking. Winemakers release it to the consumer on the third Thursday of November. In 2022 this will be 17 November. You will certainly enjoy Beaujolais Nouveau if red berry wines which are light in body and tannin are your thing. However if you prefer a more full bodied wine look to International Merlot Day on 7 November or Tempranillo Day on 10 November.


December is all about celebration so rather appropriately 16 December is International Pinot Meunier Day. Did you know Pinot Meunier is one of the three main grape varieties used in the making of Champagne? If you did maybe you will enjoy taking our champagne quiz.

Are you interested in learning more about wines of the world? Our beautifully designed range of wine jigsaws from Water & Wines are the place to start although you might need a glass of wine as well..