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How to Choose the Perfect Lampshade

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If you have just invested in one of our up-cycled fine wine lamp bases then we’re to help you to choose the perfect lampshade. I went to visit our friends at Cameron & Miles to get some expert tips. I took a few lamps with me so that we could try lampshades on different shapes and sizes and I could put their advice into practice.

There are a few rules that I have come across during my research. The first is that the width of the lampshade should be equal to the height of the base lamp. Secondly, the height of the lampshade should be two thirds of the height of the base lamp. Finally, the lampshade should be wider than the widest part of the lamp. You will want to consider these. However, one of the first recommendations Cameron & Miles gave me was to have an open mind and to try lots of different things. Don’t be afraid to try different shapes, sizes and colours. Have some fun and you may be surprised by what works. Picking the perfect lampshade is really a case of trial and error.

contempory drum lampshade on wine lamp base

Achieving the perfect proportions

Start by thinking about the space you have for your lamp. Is it small table or a desk? Then perhaps you could try a tall narrow shade. A tall cone can be striking and works well with the height of the bottle lamp base. However, in general the larger the shade the more light will be distributed. So if you have the space try some larger and more striking shades. Your lamp will really stand out. Particularly if your lamp base is created from a large format bottle.

Cameron & Miles suggested using newspaper to fold into the shape and size and trying some different options out in situ. Unless the neck of the bottle is especially attractive you should probably think of bringing the shade down to cover the neck of the bottle. In general, we felt this looked better proportion-wise.


We tried lots of different shapes of shade from empire to drums and cones. After lots of discussion we decided that Cameron & Miles Contemporary Drum Shade seemed to work well with most bottles – see above. These gorgeous shades come in three different sizes, small, medium and large. These range in price from £85 – £145. You can view the full range of shades here.

choose the perfect lampshade


Finally, in your quest to choose the perfect lampshade you will want to consider the colour. Will you opt for a pattern shade or one which is plain? Most of our up-cycled fine wine lamp bases are dark glass, either dark green or brown and some have a striking label that you may want to highlight. If this is the case, then you could opt for a plain coloured shade perhaps picking out the colours in the either the label or the flex. Obviously you are also going to be thinking about the colours of your room and where you plan to position your lamp.

Cameron and Miles have stock of lampshades but are also happy to work on bespoke commissions. You can reach them at

If you want to discuss creating your own bespoke fine wine lamp base then do get in touch with us. We will work with you to create a beautiful piece which will be a talking point in your home for years to come.