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How to remove sulphites from wine

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No more hangovers with the The Üllo Wine Purifier.  It filters your wine removing the sulphites and it claims to improve the taste as well.  Can it really do all that?

  • Why do we need chemicals in our wine?

    Sulphites are a hot topic at the moment.    Basically they act as a preservative for all wines adding stability to the wine and preventing it from turning into vinegar.  The addition of sulphites as opened up the world of wine to consumers.   Wine can travel from the vineyard around the world in perfect condition.

  • Can sulphites effect the way our wine tastes and our health?

    If you are sensitive to sulphites the reaction can be similar to that of any allergy and this really does stop any enjoyment of wine.  We started stocking Üllo Wine Purifiers in the run up to Christmas 2018.  This new product is one of the first on the market to completely remove sulphites from your wine.  We knew that this was popular with anyone who is sulphite sensitive but we also want to investigate how much removing the sulphites improves the actual taste of the wine.  Peter Richards and Susie Barrie, both Masters of Wine, agreed to try it with a few different wines and give us their thoughts  I think their superior palates will give us a better insight

Sulphites are present in higher quantities in whites and roses than reds.   Peter and Susie told us that the white they tried, a Langhe Bianco, became more aromatic and certainly brighter and livelier on the palate, with enhanced fruit, after the Ullo.

So what about the hangovers?  I think the jury is still out on that one.  It may well be that your headache is caused by the tannins in the wine or perhaps just by having a glass too many.  Removing the sulphites certainly doesn’t do the wine any harm, it seems to improve it.  Who needs preservatives when you are just about to drink it.  We have a special offer on Üllo – 15% off until the end of April.  Why not try it?

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