English Wines for Summer

English Wines for Summer

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This unique summer has given us the chance to explore some of the amazing things on our own doorsteps. English wine is growing in popularity every year. Not just the well known sparkling varieties, English winemakers are also producing some delicious still wines. We asked Rebecca Pitcairn from English Wine website, The Southern Quarter, to give us her top tips for summer 2020.

Wines from Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Simpsons Pinot Meunier 2019, KentThis single varietal white wine is made from the Pinot Meunier grape. This is traditionally blended with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to make Champagne and the best English sparkling wines. This still white from the Kent-based Simpson vineyard has sweet and savoury aromas of poached fruit with balsamic and a deliciously smooth creamy texture.  

Oxney Organic Pinot Noir Rosé 2018, Sussex: Who doesn’t love a rosé in summer? This pale pink still wine from the sussex-based Oxney Estate’s stellar 2018 vintage. It is delicate on the nose with notes of fresh strawberries and redcurrant. 

High Clandon Endymion Cuvée 2015 Prestige vintage brut 2015, Surrey: This traditional method English sparkling wine from the boutique High Clandon Estate vineyard has just won a gold award at the 2020 Wine GB awards. It is a truly exquisite sparkling wine for that special occasion.

To find out more about the best English Wines for 2020 visit The Southern Quarter to read Rebecca’s roundup of 19 award-winning English wines. We are going to be speaking more with Rebecca. We’re keen to find out what she thinks makes English wine so special and why we should be buying more of it.

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