Wine Cellar Tags


Wine Cellar Tags for the 21st Century.  Available in two different designs for wines to keep and wines you want to drink straight away.

Do you struggle to find the wine you are looking for in your wine rack?  Pulling out bottle after bottle before you find the one you are looking for?

We designed our Wine Organiser Discs to help you find the right wine every time.   Double-sided to colour code your red and white wines.  Write the wine details on the disc, circle the dates of the drinking window for your wine and then slip the disc over the neck of the bottle.   Wines can be easily located in your collection and tried at just the right time.

Wine Organiser Discs are also available in a ‘Drink Me’ now version to help easily identify your everyday wines or to use as a great alternative to a gift tag.

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Wine Cellar Tags to help you find the right wine every time.  Available in two different designs.   For wines you want to keep and for the wine you want to drink straight away

A lot of time and care is put into every wine collection.  Every cellar or wine room is different but in general they all store bottles on their sides to keep the wine in the best condition possible.  This makes it difficult to glance over the wine rack and to know where every wine is.

Drinking Date Indicator to organise your wine collection

Our Wine Cellar Tags will help you to organise your collection and find the bottles you are looking for instantly.  Firstly write your wine details on the disc and then circle the drinking window using the drinking date indicator.   Slip the Wine Organiser Disc over neck of your bottle and place it in your wine rack. Each disc features a colour code: red on one side and white on the other, so that you can easily spot red and white wines.

Drink Me Now for your Everyday Wines

We have lots of delicious wines in our collection which I am looking forward to enjoying in the future but what about the wine we want to pull out for a quick drink for friends and family or even the glug of wine to add to a casserole.  Everyday drinking wine has its own special place in every collection.  Our ‘Drink Me’ discs will help you find it straight away.   They have a colour code to show red and white wines and space to write your wine details.  Great for ‘book club’ wine, wines you are happy to let your teenagers drink, or even to label whose wine is whose in a shared wine rack.

Wine Gift Tags

A great use for our Drink Me Wine Organiser Discs.   Write a message and slip over the neck of any bottle you are giving as a gift.  Original and much easier to use than a gift tag on a string as well as being less expensive than a card.   Wine Organiser Discs are designed to go perfectly with every bottle of wine.


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