Stainless Steel Corkscrew by Adhoc


This elegant stainless steel corkscrew by Adhoc uses a self pulling principle to remove any cork effortlessly. Comes with a stand for storage.  Stylish boxed it makes a great gift.

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This Stainless Steel Corkscrew by Adhoc is a favourite in our household.   This beautiful, elegant corkscrew uses a self pulling principle to remove any cork with ease.   It works just well on natural and plastic corks which is a real bonus.  Simply place on top of the bottle and keep turning to remove the cork with no effort at all.   This coated spiral corkscrew makes removing corks a pleasure.  The hinge in the design means it works on any bottle, even magnums.

Comes with a stainless steel and plastic stand for storage.

Diameter: 6.5 cm, Height: 15.9 cm.

Special features

This Adhoc stainless steel corkscrew works using the self pulling principle.  If you use simple turning you can remove the cork easily from the bottle coated.  Suitable for natural and plastic corks.   Comes with stand for elegant storage not dishwasher safe


1 Handle 2 Spiral screws 3 Body with positioning wings 4 Storage stand

Removing corks Remove the film from the bottle top and place the body with positioning wings 3 on the bottle top.

The movable positioning wings adapt to the bottle shape. Insert the spiral screw 2 into the body at the opening on the top and place its tip in the centre of the cork. Grasp one hand around both positioning wings.

The spiral screw is screwed into the cork by turning the handle 1 clockwise.

Turn the handle until the cork is pulled easily out of the bottle and has contact with the top of the body.

Important: As soon as the cork has been pulled to the top of the body, stop turning as this may damage the cork and spiral.

Removing the cork from the corkscrew Hold the cork tight using the positioning wings 3 and turn the handle 1 anticlockwise until the spiral screw 2 is removed from the cork.

The cork can now be removed easily from the body.

CLEANING Only clean the CHAMP by using a slightly moistened soft cloth.

Then dry it. DISPOSAL The product and its packaging have been manufactured from valuable materials that can be recycled.

Recycling reduces the amount of refuse and helps to preserve the environment.

Dispose of the packaging at a recycling point that sorts materials by type.



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