High Camp 750ml Insulated Wine Flask


Beautifully designed 750ml insulated flask with two insulated cups.  Designed to keep a whole of bottle of wine at the perfect temperature wherever you are. Weighing just 800g it is perfect to take anywhere.  Comes perfectly package to make an ideal gift for a wedding, anniversary or a special birthday.

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This stylish High Camp 750ml Insulated Wine Flask holds a whole bottle of wine and will keep it cold for 24 hours.  It comes with two gorgeous double walled tumblers.  These attach to your flask using High Camp’s magnetic lock system (patent-pending).  A perfect gift for any couple who love the outdoor life.

If you love camping, festivals, going to sports events or even opera this is the perfect to take.  First chill your wine. Then decant it into this beautiful flask that will keep it at the perfect temperature for up to 24 hours.  If you are drinking red wine or even mulled wine it will also be the ideal temperature when you pour.

Comes beautifully packaged in a sleeve and box.  Makes the ideal gift for a couple.  The perfect wedding present.

What Makes High Camp Flasks So Unique

The quest began with building the ultimate bar glass for the backcountry. Nic and Whit, who founded High Camp, wanted a tumbler that was big, rugged, and easy on the eyes. At 11 fluid oz., their Tumbler comfortably accommodates a proper tumbler grip: Index, middle & ring finger around the sides, and the pinky underneath.

Now, they needed to design a flask. This meant absolutely no plastic, with a microscopically smooth interior to preserve taste. Stainless steel is infinitely recyclable and the electropolished interior does not impart any unwanted flavours.

Lastly, they needed to attach the tumblers to our flask with magnets so that we did not compromise the interior of the tumbler or the exterior of the flask. The solution: A convenient way to transport tumblers and your flask as a single packable unit.


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