We are always searching for brilliant a wine cooler to keep wine at the perfect drinking temperature.  Once you have chilled your wine in a wine fridge it is ideal to be able to keep it at the same temperature on the table.

– Corkcicle Air

Ice buckets can be fussy and messy.  Why not try an in-bottle wine chiller like Corkcicle Air to keep your wine at the perfect serving temperature.  Firstly, start by freezing it and then place it into your open bottle of wine.   Your wine aerates as it pours.

– Corkcicle Canteen

If you are planning on taking white wine out and about you are going to need a cooler that can work long term.   A Corkcicle Canteen will keep your wine cold for 25 hours.  Because it is made from triple-insulated stainless steel this is a thermos that not only looks stylish it also really works.   If you take your canteen wherever you are going and you will always have perfectly chilled wine.

– Canteen Sizes

Both of the sizes we stock are great for wine lovers.  Firstly, the 750ml bottle of wine size or, because one bottle is sometimes not enough, there is the 1500ml magnum size.

However, you don’t have to use it only for wine.  The wide opening means that ice cubes can be added easily to any drink.   Try soft drinks or cocktails too.

Choose now from one of our fabulous colours.  We update our range every season.

Handprinted Neoprene Wine Cooler
Handprinted Neoprene Wine Cooler
New range created for Summer 2021 now available Handprinted limited edition neoprene wine coolers.  Each one is unique and is created by painting transfer inks onto paper.  This is transferred to the neoprene using a heat press. Created exclusively for Top Note Design by Hampshire based print maker, Helen Locke.  Helen's designs are inspired by her love of wine.  Her inspiration for these coolers comes from the wine making process, the vineyards, the vines at harvest time. Every one of these wine coolers is a one-off.  If you have a preference as to the one you would like please note the number at the bottom of the photo and then add this to the notes on your order.   If you do not express a preference then we will surprise you. Size: Width 12cm; Length 37cm
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Corkcicle Air - Wine Chiller
Corkcicle Air – Wine Chiller
Wonderful three in one wine cooler, featuring an icicle-shaped cooler, a pourer and a built-in aerator.   Keeps your wine perfectly cool and brings out the flavour.

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Corkcicle Canteen
Corkcicle Canteen
Keep your wine perfectly chilled. We have three stock colours; copper, dark navy and a really original black and white marble effect canteen (snowflake).  We are also very excited to be stocking a Magnum size (two bottle) canteen for the first time. Which makes a great addition to the range.  Summer picnic essentials. Stainless steel canteen with 750ml Capacity meaning that the Corkcicle Canteen can store a whole bottle of wine.  
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