Corkcicle design and create some of the best-selling wine accessories in the UK.

Corkcicle began with a question.

How do you chill wine to the perfect drinking temp, without the mess of an ice bucket? The answer is in their first product, the brilliant Corkcicle Air in-bottle wine chiller.

However, as they grow and evolve, the mission stays the same.  To make every sip an experience.  Award-winning Corkcicle Wine Canteens are the ultimate wine coolers.  Top Note Design is one of the few Corkcicle UK stockists of this bottle of wine size thermos.

Simply chill your wine and then decant into your canteen to take it out and about.  The triple-layer insulation of these colourfully cool Corkcicle Canteens will keep you wine cold for up to 25 hours.  The wide neck enable ice cubes to be added.  Corkcicle are great innovators and every year they add new colours and designs to their collection of sustainable products.  We like to keep up to date and try to change the colours we stock each season

We also stock the larger than life 60oz magnum size canteen.  Because it is double-size you can take two bottles out and about.   Perfect for sharing sangria, margaritas and more.

Corkcicle Air - Wine Chiller
Corkcicle Air – Wine Chiller
Wonderful three in one wine cooler, featuring an icicle-shaped cooler, a pourer and a built-in aerator.   Keeps your wine perfectly cool and brings out the flavour.

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Corkcicle Canteen
Corkcicle Canteen
Keep your wine perfectly chilled. We have three stock colours; copper, dark navy and a really original black and white marble effect canteen (snowflake).  We are also very excited to be stocking a Magnum size (two bottle) canteen for the first time. Which makes a great addition to the range.  Summer picnic essentials. Stainless steel canteen with 750ml Capacity meaning that the Corkcicle Canteen can store a whole bottle of wine.  
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