Wine Glass Pens


Pack of three non toxic wine glass writer pens available in three different colourways:

Spring Metallic (Purple, Blue and Pinot Pink)
Original Metallic (Emerald Green, Gold and Silver)
Christmas Colours (Green, White and Red)


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Wine Glass Writer Pens

Wine Glass Writer are the original wine glass marker pens.  Created by a mother and daughter business founded in Nothern California wine country in 2010.   The ink in your wine glass writer is unique.  We discovered these fabulous pens a few years ago and knew immediately that they were a must-have for our range.   We are lucky to be one of the very few UK importers.

If you want to add some colour and fun to your dinner parties then try these wine glass writer pens.  They are a great alternative to wine charms and considerably more cost-effective.    So easy to use not only are they less fiddley than wine charms they also do away with the problem of forgetting which charm is yours.  Just write your name on your glass or get as creative as you like with patterns and designs.  The ink goes on smoothly and stays vibrant throughout the evening.

Specially formulated with non-toxic ink you can write on glass and glazed ceramics.  Certified completely safe for use with food and beverages.  The ink dries within two minutes and once it is dry it doesn’t smudge.  At the end of the evening just wipe off with a damp cloth.   Brilliant for parties, for wine tastings or even for labeling your cheeseboard.  If you would like some new ways to use your pens then take a look here.  We have used our pens to label coffee jars, design our dog biscuit jar, write birthday messages around the plate and even to create a seating plan for dinner parties.  Do share any ideas you have with us.



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