Ligne origine ‘wine barrel’ Corkscrew


Handmade in France.

Oak and high grade, polished stainless steel


Ligne origine ‘wine barrel’ Corkscrew is a truly unique wine accessory.  This classic waiter’s friend corkscrew has a handle which is hand carved  from upcycled oak wine barrels. Each one is completed unique; the oak showing the saturation of wine it stored.   With wax finish.  Packaged in a gorgeous gift box with a wax seal and with details of its origin.

Made in France

LIGNE W corkscrews mix classic wine accessories with contemporary design to create a look, feel and atmosphere that is associated with the enjoyment of wine. LIGNE W corkscrews are about savouring the experience and creating memories with friends and loved ones. Mixing modern colours, shape and materials with old techniques to create visually stunning and extremely functional pieces.

Every LIGNE W corkscrew is made from the highest quality materials and thoroughly checked before it leaves our French workshop. Each piece in the range features a foil cutter, bottle opener and a double step system to allow for easy and secure removal of the cork every time. There is a reason that restaurants, bars and top sommeliers around the World are using LIGNE W waiters friends in their establishment; reliability and atmosphere. Now you can have the same experience in your home and with each item beautifully presented in a presentation box, LIGNE W corkscrews make the perfect gift.

The Origine Corkscrew from LIGNE W is a truly unique wine accessory.

Every single piece is carved from genuine, used oak wine barrels and made in France. This means that no two pieces are the same, from the wood markings to the colouring caused by the saturation of the wine it lovingly stored. What is the same in every single piece is that the ‘Origine’ is made with high grade, polished stainless steel and while being a beautiful piece of art, it is extremely functional and is used as a waiters friend in bars and restaurants across the World and approved by top sommeliers.

The concept originates from France and wine expert Sébastien Lézier. Having spent many years in the wine industry, Sébastien decided that it was time to follow his dream and to put his passion for wine into improving the accessories that we use when experiencing wine. From this, LIGNE W was born and the stunning ‘Origine’ Corkscrew.

The ‘Origine’ is available with two choices of finish. Wax finish gives the handle a lighter and untreated feel , the linseed finish gives the handle a rustic darker appearance.
The ‘Origine’ is presented in a rustic, minimalist presentation box, with a wax seal and a message describing the process behind the ‘Origine’.


– Handle created from used oak wine barrels
– Dual lever system for easy opening
– Foil cutter
– Bottle opener
– Brushed high grade stainless steel
– Beautiful packaging
– Available with a wax finish or a linseed finish