Pierre Yves Colin Morey


Pierre-Yves represents a new breed.  Soaring land prices coupled with the Napoleonic system of inheritance whereby assets are shared out equally amongst the next generation, mean that today’s generation will rarely have enough land to satisfy their or their customers’ demands.  So growers such as Pierre-Yves buy in grapes from equally conscientious growers to augment their own meagre production and then raise intense complex wines (nevertheless in tiny quantities) that advertise white burgundy as the greatest white wine on the planet.  But you won’t see foils like this anymore.  In order to reduce the chances of premature oxidation, Pierre-Yves now seals all his wines in wax to ensure no air can get in at all.  With such attention to detail, passion and drive the results can only go one way.


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Original giclée print on fine art paper.
30cm x 30cm  – £145
Edition of 50, signed, numbered and framed by hand in London.

60cm x 60cm – £300
Edition of 10, signed, numbered and framed by hand in London

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