Magnum Table Lamps


We have new fine wine table lamps in stock created from magnums and other large format bottles.  If you are interested in one and would like to see more photos do get in touch.

Alternatively if you would like own bespoke lamp created from one of your wine bottles do get in touch with

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Magnum bottle lamp

Magnum table lamps are handmade to create a stunning talking point in your home.  Each magnum bottle held 1.5l of fine wine (or champagne).   When they are finished we don’t throw them away.   We hate the idea of wasting something so beautiful.  Instead, we repurpose them into these stunning lamps.  We convert every lamp with care using silk twisted flex and brass fittings.   Each lamp re-uses a memorable bottle to create a unique piece that will be kept in the home for years.   It will continue to tell the story of the wine it once contained.  The beginning of a new tale.

Environmentally Friendly

We care about the environment and our impact on the planet and these sustainable gifts fit with our ethos.  It feels good to be giving these beautiful bottles of wine a new lease of life and to cut down on waste at the same time.  We are doing all we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Our lamps are made in a small workshop in the UK.  We are also working towards using 100% eco-friendly packaging.  We’ve even discovered an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap!

Every bottle of wine holds a story.  The story of the time and place where it was created is captured in the bottle.  Then there is the story of us.   Of the food, we pair it with and the occasion.  The memories we create with our loved ones.  The holidays we enjoy, the birthdays and anniversaries we celebrate.  All our gifts are designed to keep those memories alive after the wine itself is finished.  Our magnum table lamps are the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine.  Each lamp is unique so if there is one you would like let us know straight away and we can put it aside for you.

Bespoke Lamps

We offer a stock range of Magnum table lamps for you to choose from however, we can also create a bespoke lamp for you with your own special bottle.   Just choose your flex colour and then send us your bottle.  We will convert it beautifully for you.  Do get in touch if you would like to discuss a commission with us.

We would love to share your wine stories.  Read our blog to discover some of ours.  Tell us about your favourite wines and let us help you create a gift that will last after the wine has finished.


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