Coloured Champagne Stopper


We having been searching for ages for a really stylish champagne stopper and this is it.  Available in four different colours.  A simple design which looks great, is simple to use, reasonable priced and really great at keeping the bubbles in champagne.

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Coloured Champagne Stopper.   Available in four different colours.  Red, black, green and white (clear).  These wonderful stoppers are incredibly easy to use.  Simply clip down over the sides of the bottle.  Keeps the bubbles in your champagne as well as sealing the bottle.  Incredibly sturdy, does not pop off.  Suitable for most champagne, sparkling wine and prosecco bottles.

Also available in elegant silver.

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winesave PRO
winesave PRO
"Must have wine accessory of the year" Decanter Magazine. No more throwing away left over wine!!  Change the way you drink wine by using this great Argon Gas Wine Saver.  Experiment more, open multiple bottles at the same time. We are excited to be stocking the new winesave PRO. With up to 150 applications per cannister it contains 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade inert argon gas that's harmless, tasteless, odourless, colourless, and 2.5 times heavier than air.  With just a one second application into an opened bottle, winesave forms a protective layer over the surface of the wine preventing oxygen in the air from causing oxidisation, thus helping to keep your wine fresh for days, weeks or even months. Included is a specially designed tube that allows the argon to enter the bottle underneath the majority of the air in the bottle, pushing the displaced air up and out of the top of the bottle.  Works on any type of wine including champagne and prosecco and works with any type of bottle. "More effective than its predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle" Jancis Robinson, OBE, Master of Wine    
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Champagne Inspired Coasters
Inspired by our love of champagne we have created these stunning original designs based on champagne corks and cages.  A great addition to any wine lover's table.
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Glasscloth - Champagne Bottle
Glasscloth – Champagne Bottle
A Celebratory bottle of champagne bubbles. Stunning blue and gold glass cloth featuring an original design.  Every champagne bottle size (even the Nebuchadnezzar containing 120 glasses) in one bottle.  Educational as well as stylish. Hand screen printed by us in our South London studio.  High quality linen union fabric (60% cotton, 40% linen). Developed to achieve a lint free sparkling finish on your glasses and china. With hanging loop. Made in the UK.
Size:  44cm x 74cm ; wash at 40 degrees Click here to see us screen printing these gorgeous glasscloths Screenprinting Movie
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Champagne Cage Napkin Rings
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