Upcycled homeware that will be treasured in your home for years. We take the beautiful bottles of some of the world’s more iconic wines and create stunning table lamps from them. Each of these bottles contained delicious wine but once the wine is finished they are often just thrown away. Take a look at them.   Don’t you think that is a waste. We think they are beautiful.  Therefore, we have come with away to keep them with us.  We convert every lamp with love using high quality brass fittings and silk covered twisted flex.

Why we love upcycled homeware

Of course upcycling is an opportunity to do something for the planet by making use of what we already have and consuming less.  However, I think there’s also an opportunity to enjoy some really beautiful unique pieces.  Every bottle we use is different.  We have rarely have two that are the same.  We have lots of larger bottles that you won’t normally come across.  There are Magnums, Double Magnums, Jerobaums and Imperiales.  But they all have once thing in comment every one of the bottles tells a story.

We focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible.  At the moment we are working towards making sure that all our packaging can be recycled.

wine bottle sizes
Bespoke Lamp Bases
Now you can open that special bottle of wine you've been saving and create a unique piece for your home that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the wine but don't throw away the bottle.  The story of your wine can continue.  We will repurpose your bottle to create a completely unique lamp base.  Choose the flex colour you prefer, send us your bottle and we will do the rest. We will convert any bottle however large.   Browse through the gallery to see some we have already created.
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Magnum Table Lamp Champagne
Magnum Table Lamps
We have new fine wine table lamps in stock created from magnums and other large format bottles.  If you are interested in one and would like to see more photos do get in touch. Alternatively if you would like own bespoke lamp created from one of your wine bottles do get in touch with lucy@topnotedesign.co.uk
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Unique single bottle table lamps
Unique single bottle table lamps
Single bottle table lamps created from upcycled fine wine bottles.  Each lamps is converted with attention to detail using twisted silk flex and brass fittings. Dimensions: Height including brass fittings: 35cm,  Diameter of Base: 10cm, Length of Flex, 3m
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