It seems elementary: buy wine bottles, pull out corks, drink. But somewhere in the middle, there are other things to consider…

Here we take a little look at some of the many types and styles of corkscrews, and ways of removing the cork:

Butterfly wing corkscrew is available everywhere and is not the choice of wine enthusiasts. They require a quick flick of each wrist then done, but there is room for shredding and breaking. A popular alternative is the Stainless Steel Corkscrew by Adhoc.

A twin-prong cork puller, also known as butler’s friend or ‘Ah-So’, is fabulous for removing the difficult or long cork from bottles. There is a bit of knack to using this gadget but a great and original gift for a wine collector.

There are electric corkscrews that require no input at all – there are literally 10s of electric wine openers on the market.

There is the Lever Corkscrew, also known as ‘Rabbit Ears’. These are operated by using a pair of handles which are used to grip the neck of the bottle. They are top of the range, and generally expensive, but they are incredibly easy to use with very little effort. And then there is our favourite, the Pullparrot Waiter’s Corkscrews, also known as a double-hinged, double lever or a wine key corkscrew. First, use as a foil cutter, then screw into the cork and pull! Done, the simplest and most basic way to open a bottle of wine – and probably the most elegant. These can slip into any picnic basket or cool box, and most come with an additional handy end for opening beer bottles too.

Which one is right for you? We currently sell five different types of cork remover. As there is a bit of choice we’ve put together a guide to help you find which is right for you – Which corkscrew to buy?

Le Creuset Activ-Ball Corkscrew
Le Creuset Activ-Ball Corkscrew
Opening a bottle is an important ritual in the enjoyment of wine. Designed for use on any type of cork or bottle, the Active-ball features Le Creuset's unique technology to bring added simplicity to opening your wine simply turn the soft-touch handle, no pulling is needed. After removing the cork from the bottle, the active ball design pushes that cork effortlessly off the screw.
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stainless steel corkscrew
Stainless Steel Corkscrew by Adhoc
This elegant stainless steel corkscrew by Adhoc uses a self pulling principle to remove any cork effortlessly. Comes with a stand for storage.  Stylish boxed it makes a great gift.
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Pullparrot Waiters's Corkscrew
Pullparrot Waiter’s Corkscrew
An opportunity to add some colour to your kitchen with these witty Pullparrot corkscrews which have won the 1st prize in the Gevrey-Chambertin corkscrew awards in France.  They have a dual retractable handle which effortlessly removes corks without breaking or damaging them.   Also with a blade for cleaning removing the foil from you bottle and adding it to your collection. Available in two stunning colours which complement our other products.  Each colourway features its own top note tasting note: Navy Blue  - top note of pepper Yellow Sun - top note of butter  
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