Champagne Stopper

Coloured Champagne Stopper by AdHoc for use with champagne, sparkling wine and prosecco.   Comes in four stunning colours red, black, green and white (clear).

We have been looking for a great champagne stopper for a long time and these wonderful coloured champagne stoppers are by far the best we have come across.  They are incredibly easy to use.   Simply clip down over the sides of the bottle.   The silicone stopper gives a great seal in the neck of your bottle and above all, it keeps the bubbles in your champagne.  One of the best things about these stoppers is that they can stand the pressure of the bubbles.

There is no danger of them popping off.   The design means that the stopper fixes firmly over the neck of your champagne bottle so there is no chance of some the accidents occurring.

This coloured champagne stopper sits flat on top of the bottle.  It stores easily in the door of the fridge and when not in use is easy to store.  Made in Germany.  Top Note Design is one of the few UK retailers stocking this fabulous design.  Buy one for yourself and at the same time pick up a few as gifts.  They make great stocking fillers

Also available in elegant silver.  This upmarket version is the perfect wedding gift and makes an original gift for a 50th Birthday or other special occasions.

coloured champagne stopper
Coloured Champagne Stopper
We having been searching for ages for a really stylish champagne stopper and this is it.  Available in four different colours.  A simple design which looks great, is simple to use, reasonable priced and really great at keeping the bubbles in champagne.
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