These champagne themed coasters take inspiration from some artwork we created for a wonderful client.  We use the champagne cage and the cork our basis.  We love the idea of discarded items because it is easy to miss their fine design.

Collecting Muselets

A muselet is the metal cage that fits over the champagne cork to keep it in place in spite of the pressure inside the bottle.  Champagne houses design caps which are part of muselet featuring the design of the house.  These caps are extremely collectable and we love seeing the differing designs.  Collection of these caps even has its own name,  Placomusophilia.  We love keeping the champagne corks as well.  Take a look when you next open a bottle.

Champagne Themed Coasters

We make all of our coasters and tablemats here in the UK using high-quality melamine with a cork and black baize backing.   This set of four coasters contains two of each design in a stylish navy blue box.  We include a set of our favourite quotations about champagne with every set.  However, you can find more here on our website.

Our range of champagne related products also includes champagne stoppers, champagne glasses and elegant champagne cage napkin rings.

Champagne Themed Coasters
Champagne Themed Coasters
Inspired by our love of champagne we have created these stunning original designs based on champagne corks and cages.  A great addition to any wine lover's table.
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