Our handprinted glass cloth gives you all you need to know about champagne bottle sizes and their names.   Made from linen union it is perfect for polishing your champagne glasses.

We printed one large standard bottle and then fill it will all the sizes of champagne bottle and how many glasses of champagne it contains.

Bottles and Magnums

Champagne bottle sizes and names are popular pub quiz questions because not many people know them.  With one of our glass cloths you will have all the answers.  The standard bottle size contains 750ml which is roughly 6 glasses.  A double bottle or magnum is widely available and is always popular at special events.  So far, so easy but what about larger bottles?

Larger Bottles of Champagne

Champagne bottles larger than the magnum have the names of Biblical Jewish and Babylonian kings and patriarchs.   A double magnum,  the Jeroboam, named after a King of Israel in 9th century BC,  contains 24 glasses of champagne.  Then comes the Methuselah containing 6 litres of champagne or 48 glasses.  Salmanazar was an Assyrian king living in the 9th century BC.  The Salmanazar bottle size contains 9 litres.  A Balthazar contains 12 litres or 96 glasses of champagne.  Balthazar was a Babylonian King and one of the three wise men who followed the Star of Bethlehem to the nativity.  Another Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar, lived in the 6th Century.  This enormous bottle contains 15 litres of champagne.  It is so enormous I am not sure how you would manage to pour any of the 120 glasses it contains.


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champagne bottle size and names grasscloth
Champagne Bottle Size and Names Glass Cloth
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