What makes foil caps so special to us?

Great memories of great times and great wines.  And of course a great design.

Many foil caps feature a faint imprint of a bunch of grapes.  Bottles containing some of the finest wines in the world bear no more than this so you can’t say it’s a bad thing.  But where the winemaker has thought a little more and sought to stamp his own signature on the bottle (no great winemaker will admit to imprinting his signature on the wine – that is Nature’s work) we’re receptive to that and look out for it, across the world of wine.

Here are some of our favourites.  You’ll recognise a number of them as the basis of our designs; others are there just because we love them.  Tell us what you think.  Even more than that, if you have your own favourites, send them in or tweet us.  Who knows, your favourite wine might be next on our list.

No great wines, only great bottles.