At Top Note Design we are excited to bring you a range of wine inspired modern designs and original gifts. We create our own collection of homewares and source the latest wine accessories and gifts that will appeal to the wine lover you love…

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Wine Lover Glasscloth
Wine Lover Glasscloth
A wonderful Valentine's Day gift for the wine lover in your life.  Exclusive to Top Note Design. A zingy pink linen union glasscloth featuring an original design based on a popular tattoo motif which has been given a little twist to appeal to wine lovers. Hand screen printed by us in our South London studio.  High quality linen union fabric (60% cotton, 40% linen). Developed to achieve a lint free sparkling finish on your glasses and china. With hanging loop. Made in the UK.
Size:  44cm x 74cm ; wash at 40 degrees
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Vinturi Wine Aerator
Vinturi Wine Aerator
Elevate your wine with this top quality aerator.   Aeration improves flavours and bouquet of wine, enhancing the overall enjoyment and experience and this Vinturi aerator allows you either to aerate your wine by the glass or by the bottle.  A must for any wine lover. Easy to use: simply hold the aerator over a glass or carafe and pour the wine through.  Your Vinturi aerator will draw in the right amount of air allowing your wine to breathe instantly. Within seconds you will be able to notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavours and a silky-smooth finish. Dishwasher safe.   Packaged in a gift box with stand and filter
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Corkcicle Air – Wine Chiller
Corkcicle Air – Wine Chiller
New to our range for Christmas 2016 the Corkcicle Air wine chiller builds on the success of the Corkcicle Colour - which was such a hit last Christmas. The all new Air includes a new pour through feature with a state-of-the-art aerator that instantly expands the aromatic profile of your wine as you pour. Just like the original, the Corkcicle Air cools down wine to room temperature and maintains this perfect chill for up to an hour. Talk about a two-for-one. The innovative built-in aerator will instantly bring balance to your wine while the icicle chills the wine. Just pop the Corkcicle in the freezer for about two hours prior to use, insert it in your chosen bottle and let the Corkcicle do the rest. The pour-though-sprout means you don’t need to remove the Corkcicle Air from the bottle to pour. Simply, leave it in and tilt the bottle to pour the wine through the Corkcicle Air to draw out the properties gained from extended decanting, immediately when pouring. Designed to keep your wine at the perfect drinking temperature with no dilution. Get rid of those cumbersome and space consuming ice buckets and welcome in the new era of cooling wine.
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Wine tastes as good as if you were drinking out of real glasses
Go Vino Wine Glasses
Summer 2017 News.  We are now stocking the new GoVino dishwasher safe glasses in two varieties.  Champagne flutes and white wine/cocktails.  Perfect for all your summer events, in the garden, by the pool.  Use them again and again. These fantastic go anywhere glasses are loved by the wine industry.   With the strap line 'Where wine meets design' they make an excellent addition to our range for 2016.  These glasses look exactly like fine crystal but are actually made from a flexible, BPA free polymer. Glasses are sold in boxed sets of four.  
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